HDAI Update: Navigating AI Ethics & Unveiling New Features

If you have been following the progress of HDAI, thank you, and forgive me. You might be wondering where I’ve been these last months. It’s been a while since the last update. Believe me when I say, this newsletter has been at the back of my mind, but I’ve been procrastinating. Not for lack of news, it must be said.

Quite the contrary. We’ve had so many breakthroughs and improvements, it wasn’t really clear where to begin. I’ll start with a massive thank you to those who invested in our paid memberships and our Lifetime Special – without you wonderful abundant souls we wouldn’t have made it this far.

The platform has undergone a massive upgrade. We’re going from strength to strength, with nearly 10,000 genuine members, a dream team of 16 epic people*, and traffic averaging 500,000+ visits per month; it’s become clear what we’re manifesting into the world.

But First..

It would be insensitive to share our successes without first acknowledging the state of the world. You must know, I’m so deeply aware of the implications of AI. I wrestle with the morality and ethics of building a business around this technology often. “Are we doing the right thing?” I asked my team.

“It’s more important than ever that people know how to trust their own decision-making processes.” We agreed.

The more we reflect on that answer, recognizing that AI is blurring the lines of whats real and whats not, the more apparent it became just how important this work is. Just like everything in life, there is a dark side. On one hand, we’re fueling the fire by collaborating with Microsoft and OpenAI; on the other, we’re building an extremely powerful tool for self-awareness and supporting a budding community of amazing souls actively working together to figure out who we are and how we can help others. The Yin and then Yang, so to speak.

Divine Timing

It’s not by chance that Human Design is experiencing exponential growth across the world at the same time hundreds of millions, if not billions, are being displaced because of advancements in technology – it’s never been more important to offer personalized insights and guidance on one’s true soul purpose. We’re all here to serve and support each other; the divine has a plan, and Human Design is the blueprint to help us realize it.

Whilst it’s wise to accept that we can’t help everyone, I believe we can at very least impact hundreds of millions of people with easy to access and digest information and perhaps, AI is the most efficient way to deliver it?

The Great News

After months of organising ourselves, bug fixing, server configurations, surviving a persistent DDoS attack, upgrading our hosting and coming out stronger than ever, I’m so pleased to announce that our social network is now live and getting traction.

HumanDesign.ai is finally becoming the hub for Human Design enthusiasts and professionals around the globe that I always dreamt of (that’s my 4/1.) We’re sharing, connecting, and conversing. Learning from each other in an environment where being yourself is literally the point. Somewhere we can all be loved, accepted and understood for who we truly are.

How can you help us? We’d love feedback and ideas. Please send us your feedback here.

We’d love to see you there, {{contact.first_name|my friend}}!

We would love to welcome you back to try the new features yourself. There’s so many of them to share, I’ll have do another update soon to detail all the updates an great new features we have on offer and what’s in the pipeline. It needs a whole email for itself, and I’m sure this one is long enough already.

For now, lots of love, gratitude, and appreciation. You are always welcome at HDAI.

To our success, abundance and happiness,
Kyle (feel free to connect with me on HDAI)

P.s a very special thank you to my wonderful team who have come on board to support the project relentlessly throughout this transition and beyond. Without them I’d have burnt out a long time ago!

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