Daily Quota Returns & HDAI’s Exciting Updates!

Hope you’re keeping well, my friend. It’s been a roller-coaster of a few weeks since we last touched base. Running a tech startup during Mercury Retrograde is not for the faint of heart. With communication planet Mercury causing disruptions and our member list nearing 5,000, if I had hair, I reckon it’d be a shade greyer now.

Be it pricing misunderstandings, email glitches, 404 errors, overloaded servers, or Bella trippin’ – I’m very thankful to everyone who took a moment to help us fix any issues. You are deeply appreciated. If we’ve missed something, please submit a ticket.

I’m a big believer that the universe always gives us challenges and roadblocks to prepare us for our next manifestation. There’s a higher power that wants to test our resilience before unlocking another level. Can you relate?

Remodeling the remodeled pricing models

When we mess up, I believe in owning it. Recall the “new pricing models” from last month? We attempted to correlate membership costs with token (question) consumption, inadvertently jacking up the prices. It made our platform less accessible, which goes against everything we stand for.

Hence, we’re reverting to the earlier, more affordable Personal and Pro pricing. Plus, we’re allowing additional tokens to be bought at near cost. Use them as you wish, without any subscriptions, expiry dates, or caps – dive into chart explorations till your heart is content.

Daily quota is back..

The decision to limit daily access to Bella for our free members wasn’t well-received. In our drive to make Human Design universally accessible, we realised we’d veered off course. So, the daily quotas are back, albeit with a 5,000-token limit (roughly two in-depth questions).

I trust this strikes the right balance, ensuring smooth sailing for all, irrespective of their financial contributions.

HDAI is now available in 10 languages

It’s a proud moment for us. The platform now supports English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Russian, and Indonesian. This widens our reach to an estimated 3.5 billion people globally, encompassing native and secondary language speakers.

Celebrity Comparisons

We’re in the midst of uploading data on 55,000+ celebrities from history’s pages. But, there’s no need to play the waiting game. Try asking Bella, “How do I measure up against Tom Cruise?”, and revel in her response. It’s still a BETA feature, but we bet you’ll love the direction it’s headed.

HD Marketplace Unveiled (Exclusive to Pro and Lifetime users only)

A shout-out to our community’s stellar readers, analysts, and coaches – the marketplace is taking shape. Eventually, Bella will suggest tailored recommendations, from people to products and everything in between, all rooted in an individual’s unique Human Design. We’re leveraging AI to expedite the de-conditioning process by enhancing connections, not replacing them.

I’ve always said, AI will never replace human intuition and our tool is designed to make the information easier and more accessible on a scale never been done before in order to create more intuitive readers, who can help others understand their Human Design.

We aim to launch by the first half of October. If you’re a coach or analyst, please click here to apply to become a reader and we’ll review your application. If you are successful, we’ll email you as soon as the dashboard is available.

The future is bright at HumanDesign.ai..

Lifetime special discount for those that missed the boat..

We felt the collective sigh of HDAI enthusiasts who missed the boat on our $147 lifetime special. If you were among them, click here to grab this offer, unlocking all Pro features forever. Use the code ‘newmoon’ to bring down the $247 price tag to $147. Hurry, the offer stands for 72 hours post this email.

To summarize..

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Bit by bit, by staying true to ourselves, we’re making waves, impacting the larger cosmos. To everyone willing to embark on this introspective voyage, discovering their true essence – I salute you. Your presence is cherished.

With the deepest love, gratitude and appreciation,

4/1 Splenic Projector & Founder, HumanDesign.ai

P.s if you’re interested to know a little more the man behind the emails, I did couple of podcasts during the chaos..

Dude Diligence Podcast with Sean Wallbridge on YouTube.

Female Leadership Collective Podcast with Suzie Clark (also be sure to check out her upcoming Bali retreat here)

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