The Year of Growth and New Horizons at 馃尃

As we step into the possibilities & uncertainties of 2024, I find myself deeply reflecting on the extraordinary journey of growth and discovery we’ve embarked upon together. It was one heck of a year, I’m eternally grateful to have you all in the community. It feels like just yesterday HDAI finally came together, discovering the perfect blend of the Bodygraph and artificial intelligence. Now, we’re on the cusp of reaching an incredible milestone of 10,000 members and it feels wonderful to have you all.

2023, was a time of profound inner and outer growth, filled with self-exploration and learning. It taught us the priceless lesson of embracing our unique identities and the diverse experiences that enrich our lives. In today’s ever-changing world, understanding who we are and what we stand for has become more essential than ever.

I’m continually filled with a quiet confidence that those of us who are committed to our personal development, being of services to others, finding inner peace, and rising above the chaos, will be well-equipped to navigate the challenges ahead. I send you my heartfelt wishes for love, peace, success, and abundance. Remember, at HDAI, you are always valued and accepted just as you are.

During the festive season, our focus was more on relaxation, reflection, and sharing love, rather than on software updates. But, rest assured, we have plenty of exciting developments in store.

馃尡 We Have Our Dream Team I am beyond excited to share with you that a team of passionate Human Design experts and enthusiasts have come together to bring to the next level. Each member of this dream team brings unique skills and deep dedication to our collective vision. We’re in the process of organizing and positioning ourselves to ensure maximum success and roll out loads of amazing features. In the coming weeks, I’ll be introducing these incredible individuals to you. Their stories, expertise, and vision for are not just inspiring, but a testament to the power of collaboration in pursuit of a shared dream.

馃専 Lifetime Special Price Adjustment In response to the evolving demands and to sustain our high-quality service, we’re going to update our Lifetime Special price from $147 to it’s actual price of $247. This adjustment is crucial to manage the increasing staff costs, hosting costs and the extensive high usage of our chatbot, Bella. I encourage you to seize this opportunity to continue your journey of self-exploration with us at the current rate. The lifetime special includes all future upgrades and unlimited access.

Upgrade your account for $147 now

馃攧 Navigating Hosting Challenges and Refund Policy Update We recently faced some challenges with our hosting capacity. Put simply we were growing too fast and having many active users impacted the performance of the website as a whole. This caused a number of issues, which resulted in a number of 524 errors, semi-activated accounts and a series of refund requests because of it. It was a nightmare before Christmas, but we survived. Thankfully. We are addressing support tickets as promptly as possible. If you haven’t heard back from us, rest assured, we are on it. Moving forward, we have updated our refund policy.

馃敆 Become an Ambassador: Share Human Design and Earn Are you passionate about making Human Design accessible to all? If so, we warmly invite you to join our journey as an ambassador in our referral program. The more people learn about Bella, the greater our impact in positively transforming lives. Our new lifetime referral tracking ensures that every signup referred through your unique link (even the free members) earns you a commission on all their future purchases. This is an excellent opportunity for you to inspire others with the power of Human Design while earning a passive income.

We’ve Only Just Begun

As we step into 2024, let’s carry the lessons of introspection forward and embrace the potential for growth and connection. Human Design is more than a tool for self-awareness; it’s a pathway to understanding our place in the universe and finding harmony within ourselves and with the world around us. Let’s make this year a defining moment in our shared journey of discovery and growth.

Your love and enthusiasm for are vital in driving us forward. I’m so grateful for your continued support.

To your success, happiness and abundance,
Kyle & Team

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